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Welcome to the PDS Archive Data Base Demo

The Planetary Data System (PDS) Small Bodies Node (SBN) Archive Data Base Demo presented here integrates observations of comets from the SBN data archives into a single data base with an API designed to accommodate application development. The database, API development, and prototype search below were all designed and coded as part of a series of challenges posed by the NASA Tournament Lab. The API underlying the search is open source, and available for download from the "Developer Info" page. The search itself was developed as a rapid prototype, and gives just a small taste of the possibilities open to developers interested in using PDS data in apps for scientists, amateurs, teachers, and the general public.

All our archive data is public domain, as is all PDS data. We encourage developers to make use of these archives - the direct and enduring legacy of NASA's planetary science missions - in new and exciting ways. If you'd like to know more about our archives, please visit the SBN home page or the PDS home page.

And if you do use this database and/or API in your development, please let us know! And please also give us a shout-out in whatever credits you might include in your app.

Data Base status

The database was loaded with the contents of over 200 SBN comet data sets. The last data set update was on 1 June, 2013.
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